Who We Are

CrossFit 10-2 is committed to improving our community’s well being from the ground up. This is not like any health program you have been a part of.

CrossFit 10-2 staff desires to make you the best person you can be. We believe this starts with a clear mind and a strong body.  We will push you and concentrate on movements both weighted and un-weighted that will help you move and perform better in whatever you desire. At CrossFit  10-2 workouts are constantly changing, total body exercises that are designed to make you perform better through life.

You will have a coach for every class that will guide you with form and motivation. We will push you hard, because the pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow. The class sizes are small with a large sense of camaraderie.

At 10-2 we are a community!

This is not a place you put in your headphones and look into a mirror while you lift weights. This is a gym where you come learn the names and shake the hands with the friends you are about to embark on this adventure with. You will push yourself to new levels of fitness. Every day and every workout you will find new limits within yourself and push through them!